1. Interacting with JustSim SIM Cards


1. Interacting with JustSim SIM Cards

This chapter describes users’ interactions with JustSim SIM cards.

1.1. Activation
When a new SIM is first inserted into a phone, please allow up to 24 hours for the sim to be activated.

When activated the phone is now ready to receive calls and SMS. If you have ported in an existing number, please note this can take up to 48 hours to transfer to the new sim. if an order is placed on Friday, this will likely be completed on the following Tuesday. 

All international calls or usage outside the allowance (for example data above 2GB on a 2GB bundle) will still be charged.

1.2. Voicemail
To retrieve voice messages, call 901 

1.3. Customer Service
To speak to our helpful customer service team just call 0333 577 1201 from your phone, or alternatively email us at

1.4. EU Roaming
If you wish to use your phone whilst traveling please call customer services to activate your sim. 


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